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How to Convert archive files to Zip file online?

You can also remove certain files to reduce size.

You can change/remove password from compressed file.

Supported Formats: ZIP, 7Z, RAR, TAR, LZH etc.

  • Drag & drop a zip file or select a file by clicking on input area.
  • Click on List files button to view files list.
  • If zip file is password protected, input password in password field.
  • You can download files individually.
What is archive converter?
  • An archive converter is a tool or software that is used to convert archive files from one format to another. For example, it can convert a .rar file to a .zip file, or a .7z file to a .tar file.
  • This allows the user to extract the contents of the archive and access the files in a format that is compatible with their device or application.
  • Additionally, it can also convert between different compression methods and levels as well.
What some common archive formats?
  • ZIP
  • RAR
  • TAR
  • GZIP
  • 7Z
  • ISO
  • BZIP2
  • LZMA
  • CAB
  • ARJ
  • LZH
  • ACE
  • Z
  • DMG (for MacOS)
  • ISO (for CD/DVD images)
What are uses of converting archive formats?
  • Allowing a user to extract the contents of an archive in a format that their computer or device can handle.
  • Reducing the size of an archive file for easier storage or sharing.
  • Converting an archive file to a format that is compatible with a specific program or application.
  • Changing the encryption method used on an archive file.
  • Converting an archive file to a format that is more widely supported, for better compatibility with other devices and systems.
  • Changing the compression method used on an archive file.
  • Merging multiple archive files into one.
  • Splitting an archive file into multiple smaller parts for easier sharing.
  • Extracting a selected part of an archive file.
  • Extracting the contents of a corrupted archive file that cannot be opened using its native software.
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