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Drag and drop some files here, or click to select files.

Trim audio files for free.

  • Add all the audio which you want to trim.
  • As the files are processed, length will be shown and trim input setting will be visible.
  • Click on the Trim button.
  • The trimmed audio file will be available to download.
What is an audio trimmer?
  • An audio trimmer is a tool used to edit audio files by trimming or cutting out unwanted portions.
What are the uses of audio trimmer?
  • Removing unwanted silence or background noise from the beginning or end of an audio file
  • Cutting out a specific section of an audio file to use as a clip or sample
  • Creating shorter versions of a longer audio file for use on a website or in a video
  • Splitting a single audio file into multiple smaller files for easier management
  • Trimming audio files to a specific length for use in a podcast or video project.
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