Photo Background Adder

Add a background color or image to a transparent photo

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How to add background color to an Image

Supports plain solid, gradient background

  • Add all the transparent images you want to add background color to.
  • Choose a background color for filling the photo like white or another sprite image.
  • You can choose a solid background or gradient colors background.
  • For the solid fill in color, simply indicate the color you'd like to use in the background of the item.
  • You can select it in the color palette or manually enter it.
  • For the gradient fill in color, you can designate two, three, or four colors for a gradient background.
  • In the second block of options, you can select the gradient type.
  • Click convert & download modified images.
What is adding background color to an image?
  • Adding a background color to an image refers to the process of filling the area around the subject of an image with a specific color.
What are the uses of adding background color?
  • Enhancing the overall aesthetics of the image by providing a contrasting background for the subject.
  • Creating visual hierarchy by making certain elements of the image stand out more.
  • Helping to convey a specific mood or theme associated with the image.
  • Creating a sense of depth or dimensionality in the image.
  • Providing a consistent background for multiple images in a series or collection.
  • Creating a consistent visual style across a website or other visual medium.
  • Making transparent PNG images more visible on different backgrounds
  • Creating a backdrop for compositing multiple images together.

Adding Blue Gradient

Setting a blue gradient background to airplane image.

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