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Apply Bulge or Pinch effect to photos online.

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How to apply Bulge Pinch effect to images online?

Bulges or pinches the image in a circle.

This is also known as lens distortion effect.

  • Add all the images you want to apply bulgepinch effect to.
  • Enter centerX The x coordinate of the pattern origin.
  • Enter centerY The y coordinate of the pattern origin.
  • Enter The radius of the circle of effect.
  • Enter strength, -1 to 1 (-1 is strong pinch, 0 is no effect, 1 is strong bulge).
  • You can preview image on the right.
  • Download image individually using Download button.
  • Download all bulgepinch effect applied images at once using the Download All button.
What is Bulge Effect?
  • The "bulge effect" is a photographic technique that involves distorting the shape of an object in an image by using a wide-angle lens and positioning the camera close to the object. This causes the center of the image to appear larger and closer than the edges, creating a bulging or convex effect. This technique is most commonly used in portrait photography to make the subject's face appear more prominent, but can also be used in other types of photography such as in nature and landscape photography to create an illusion of depth.
What are the uses of Bulge Effect?
  • Distorting images: The bulge effect can be used to create a distorted or "bulging" effect on an image, which can be used to create a sense of movement or to emphasize certain features of the image.
  • Creating a sense of depth: The bulge effect can be used to create a sense of depth in an image by making certain parts of the image appear to be closer or farther away.
  • Enhancing features: The bulge effect can be used to enhance certain features of an image, such as making eyes appear larger, making muscles appear more defined, or making a landscape appear more dramatic.
  • Adding a creative touch: The bulge effect can be used to add a creative touch to an image, such as making an object appear to be floating or adding a surreal feel to an image.
  • Architecture or interior design: The bulge effect can be used in architectural or interior design visualization to make a room look more spacious, a building look more dynamic or to make certain elements of the design stand out.
  • Fun or artistic effects: The bulge effect can be used for fun or artistic effect, like distorting a portrait to make it look like a caricature, or to make a landscape look like a painting.
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