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Pixelate photos online to hide or censor part of the image.

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How to pixelate images online?

Image Pixelator to make pixel art or center part of an image.

  • Add all the images you want to pixelate.
  • Choose pixel block size.
  • Download image individually using Download button.
  • Download all resized images at once using the Download All button.
What is pixelating an image?
  • Pixelating an image refers to the process of breaking down an image into small, square-shaped blocks called pixels. The effect makes the image appear more pixelated, meaning that the individual pixels become more visible and the overall image becomes less detailed and less sharp. This process can be used to blur out sensitive information or to create an interesting visual effect in an image.
What is the use of pixelating an image?
  • Obscuring sensitive information: Pixelating can be used to blur out faces, license plates, or other sensitive information in photos or videos.
  • Stylistic effect: It can be used as a creative effect in graphic design and digital art, giving images a more retro or low-resolution look.
  • File size reduction: Pixelating can be used to reduce the file size of an image, making it less resource-intensive and easier to use online or in mobile apps.
  • Video compression: Pixelating can be used in video compression to save space and bandwidth while keeping the video quality intact.
  • Data privacy: It can be used to obscure sensitive data in images, such as credit card numbers, addresses, or other personal information, to protect the privacy of individuals.
  • Motion blur: It can be used to blur out moving objects or people in video editing.
  • Game or mobile app design: Pixelating can be used as a stylistic effect in game or mobile app design, giving the images an 8-bit or 16-bit look.
What is the difference between blurring and pixelating an image?
  • Blurring and pixelating are two different techniques used to obscure or conceal details in an image.
  • Blurring is a technique that uses a blur filter to spread out the pixels of an image, resulting in a softened or hazy appearance. The goal of blurring is to obscure details while maintaining a relatively natural and smooth overall look. This can be achieved by applying different types of blur filter like Gaussian blur, motion blur, box blur, etc.
  • Pixelating, on the other hand, is a technique that replaces small regions of pixels with larger, more coarse pixels. This results in a more blocky or pixelated appearance, where fine details are replaced by larger, more obvious squares of color. The goal of pixelating is to conceal or obscure details by making them less visible or recognizable. This is often used to obscure faces, license plates, or other sensitive information in an image.
  • In summary, blurring is used to soften the edges of an image and make it less sharp, while pixelating is used to make an image more blocky and obscure the details by replacing them with larger pixels. Blurring aims to retain the natural look of the image while pixelating aims to make the image less recognizable or less detailed.
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