Add watermark to image.

Watermark photo Maker to show copyright and ownership.

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How to add watermark to images.

Add your logo image to your copyright photos.

  • Add all the images you want to add watermark to
  • Choose watermark image or text.
  • Choose options like placement, width, height etc.
  • Preview watermarked image on the right and Download.
  • Save watermarked images using Download all button.
What is watermarking an image?
  • Watermarking an image is the process of adding a small logo, text, or image to an image in order to claim ownership or prevent others from using the image without permission.
What are the uses of watermarking an image?
  • Copyright protection: Watermarking an image with a copyright symbol and the name of the copyright holder can help prevent others from using the image without permission.
  • Branding: Companies and organizations can use watermarks to promote their brand by adding their logo to images that they use on their website, social media, or other marketing materials.
  • Image tracking: Watermarks can be used to track where an image is being used online, which can be useful for identifying unauthorized uses of the image.
  • Deterring image theft: Watermarking an image can make it less desirable for others to use or steal the image, because it is clear that the image is owned by someone else.
  • Authenticity: Watermarking an image can be used to indicate that an image is genuine, which can be useful in situations where the authenticity of an image is in question.
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